How to Repair Corrupt QuickBooks Company Files

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QuickBooks is the most preferred accounting software for small and medium businesses. It is mainly used for business taxes, tax management and tax related functions. QuickBooks manages all the financial activities of your business very easily.

If you have been a QuickBooks user for a long time, then you must already know the company file. Today, in this blog we will discuss the trick – how we can identify a company file that is corrupt, and also the reason for its prevention. Here, we focus on the solutions we can use to repair QuickBooks company files. So, if you are looking for a reliable solution for making QuickBooks Company (QBW) files, then you are in the right place because the article is just for you.

How to Identify Data Corruption

You can check the transactions or items through the log. This indicates problems with items and transactions. After the test is over, you can go back, delete or replace the corrupt items and continue logging down and deal with each item until the files are checked. You can start this process when old “Data Verification” and “Rebuild Data” steps are completed; you should review the records that QuickBooks creates for data verification that you have just performed.

Check whether your company file is corrupted or not?

The fact is that you have to face any problem to solve it. To find out if your files are corrupt or not, follow the steps below, we describe some things that can happen if you are a victim of a corrupt company file.

  • Suddenly shutdown the QuickBooks application due to some human errors
  • Transactions list missing from the application
  • Showing a wrong entries in the balance sheet for bills and invoice
  • A fault occurs on the balance sheet while auditing
  • Transaction history shows  the negative balance

In case you want to identify any errors then you need to be careful while using the software. Any unusual activity and strange behavior of the data is enough to identify the main problem.

Why does my company file get corrupted? What is the reason behind it?

Before we proceed to the solution, let us first know the main reason behind the corruption of company files. These will help you in identifying the preventions for the same. Here we have mentioned some of the reasons for the data damage.

  • When you work on a QuickBooks for long period of time continuously
  • If you RAMs doesn’t automatically corrects the problems and RAM having very less memory
  • Sudden power off the QuickBooks without saving data, if you close it may corrupt the data
  • Virus attacks and unwanted users virus may erase your database
  • Corruption may occurs due to some issues with cable, internet, and hard disk
  • Corruption may be caused when you improperly shutdown your system that directly off the main switch

How to prevent the QuickBooks corrupt data files

 Storing your data is always a good practice in all streams. Because when we lose data and files, it is difficult to recover it. You should know this well. Პ Prevention is better than cure. This also applies here, but you are not entirely sure that you will be able to fully avoid damaging this data. In any case, follow the steps below to take preventative steps.

  • Take a data backup in a different location and a different database
  • Stay away from virus like malicious files and threats
  • Try to avoid the corrupt file
  • Reduce the third party users and tools

How to repair corrupted QuickBooks company file

Manual solution

  • First of all open your data file and then login as administrator
  • Now select a single user mode
  • Click the File and hover utilities and choose Verify data option

Important: The time taken to complete the above steps may vary. If the process takes time, you can follow the steps below.

  • Make a local copy of the data file from the server
  • You must enable temporary hosting on the machine if required.
  • After that open the file with administrator login
  • Click on File → Utilities → Rebuild Data
  • Copy and open the file and login as administrator

Important: this rebuild process even take more time in rebuilding complete corrupted data file. don’t disturb the system in between the process.

After the completion of rebuild process, you can save the copy of the file on a local machine and save them in different name.

Repair your company file using the Rebuild Data  tool

  • Open QuickBooks and visit File menu, then go to Utilities and choose Rebuild data
  • On QuickBooks information Window click OK, now follow the onscreen instructions to save the backed up company file
  • Run the tool and allow it to repair the file, it may take some time wait a little. You may notice that the QuickBooks stuck, but when you move the mouse, you see the tool is working
  • Once the tool finishes the repairing process, click OK
  • Now again visit the File menu then Utilities and choose Verify data
  • Run the tool to check your file for data issues, if the tool does not find any problem
  • Click the OK and start using your company file, your data is not lost
  • In case, tool detect any issues with company file; choose Rebuild Now

After rebuilding company file, if you still face this problem, you should try this rebuild process again once. If your first rebuild attempt takes more than two hours then it is suggested to you to contact QuickBooks supports.

Free tool to Repair QuickBooks Company File

The manual approach is simple and easy to use but it takes lots of time to complete the process, thus it is very beneficial for you to use free tool to repair a QuickBooks company file as a better approach. We recommend our user to use the free trial version, free version will see you the preview of recoverable data, where you can check your desire files and folders. If you satisfied with the trial version then you go ahead to register a full version license. Free version only preview the data, does not allow to save it.

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