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Word Document Recovery

MS Word Document Recovery is a user-friendly tool to repair corrupt .doc/.docx MS Word files without having to modify the original text, fonts, images, hyperlinks and headers/footers. Go through free version to see results.

*Download the free trial version to scan & See the preview of all recoverable Word file data.

MS Word Document Recovery - Key Features

Professional Word Document Recovery software integrated with strong algorithm, this tool recover every bit of Word file data and saved it in working condition. Here are some of its salient features –

Safe MS Word File RecoveryThe software is capable to repair several corruption issues of Word files with extensions like .doc and .docx. It is capable to perform safe MS Word file repair by keeping the original fonts, text, images, and headers/footers intact. The tool is capable to repair doc/docx files which are inaccessible, show unreadable characters or start repagination quickly.
Searches Word File If you are unaware of the location of your corrupt Word document or document was moved to any other address, MS Word Repair tool is helpful to search for the target file in the system.
Displays File PreviewYou can get the preview of your files once scan process is complete. With this feature, you can decide whether you want to repair Word file. You can check preview in various formats, i.e. Filtered Text, Full document, and RAW text.
Simple RepairWith Simple Repair option, you can smoothly fix MS Word files (DOC/DOCX). If there is minor corruption in your word file, you can go for this option. It keeps the original formatting intact when repairing Word file.
Advance Repair If simple repair option cannot fix the corruption issue and provide good results, you can go with Advance Repair option for get better results. With this tool, you can easily repair Word File for .doc format.
RAW file Recovery If Advance Repair option cannot do the needful, you can choose this option. This option is also available to fix Word file only on DOC format like Advance Repair. You can recover almost anything in Word document, but in machine-readable or RAW text format only.
Generates Log Report Once Word repair process has been completed, you can have the option to save log file in this software. The log file has all the details of recovery process, including name of repaired Word file, end of the process and beginning of process.
User-friendly Interface MS Word Repair software is very reliable to fix word file as it has intuitive and user-friendly interface that can be used by any user without having any professional help.
Covers all Corruption Errors in Word File In this software, you can have ample scalability as you can easily deal with all corruption issues in Word file. You can resolve minor file corruption issues easily and make complex repairs with ease.
Compatibility and Support The software can smoothly work with MS Word 2016, 2013, 2007, 2010, 2003, 2002 and 2000. This tool also works in Windows 10, 8, 7 and Xp.
Comparison of Trial & Full Version
Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Repairs Corrupt or inaccessfile MS Word .DOC & .DOCX Files
Advanced Repair Option for Doc File
Maintain the integrity of data during recovery
No file size limitations for recovery
Show Preview of all recoverable data before saving
Supports MS Word 2016 and lower versions
24*7 Tech Support & secure 100%
File Saving Capabilities Only Preview
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FAQs - Word Document Recovery
Following are the step to repair corrupt or inaccessible MS Word Document:
  • Launch MS Word Recovery Tool
  • Select Word file if you know the location or Find "Word file" in your system
  • Repair Selected Word file
  • Show preview of recoverable Word file
  • Select the Destination location to save Word file
Yes, you can check by using the Free trial version of MS Word recovery tool. Free version will show you the preview of all recoverable data in free version. This feature will help you to take the decision to buy this software.
Yes, Free version allow you to see the preview of all recoverable data at free of cost. Which you can check by manual. For saving these data you need to purchase the full version license.
It is completely depends on the size of Word file and types of corruption. And software is efficient to make it safe and fast.
Yes, MS Word Repair tool is very robust and can restore all the damaged or corrupt Word files without altering their original formatting like font, text, font size, hyperlink, font color, headers/footers, embedded images, and several other Word file attributes.
No, you cannot use MS Word application in the background while using MS Word Repair tool. When this software is performing any task or running, make sure MS Word is closed.
Simple Repair is an option which runs basic scan to repair corrupt MS Word files. It can smoothly repair and restore your Word file with embedded images, standard formatting, headers/footers. You can use this option in both DOC and DOCX formats.
What the customers says about the product
I have to use MS Word on my day to day life. So, it is very vital to maintain daily records in MS Word. It really saved my day to fix my corrupt documents. " Jane Ortega AustraliaWord Document Recovery Tool testimonials
I am really thankful to MS Word Repair tool as it has fixed my severely corrupt documents which were really important for my business." Gloria Perez BrazilWord Document Recovery Reviews