Migrate Office 365 to Amazon Workmail Tool Box

Migrate Office 365 to Amazon Workmail Tool

An Efficient Tool to Migrate Exchange/Office 365 Mailboxes to Amazon WorkMail platform.

*Download the free trial version to scan & Allowed User to Save 10 emails/folder at Free of cost.

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Migrate Office 365 to Amazon Workmail – Key Features

Migrate Office 365 to Amazon Workmail Software has been very well designed with features to export or migrate Office 365 mailboxes to Amazon Workmail platform. It takes few clicks to Migrate Office 365 mailbox to Amazon Workmail platform. Here are some of its salient features –

Office 365 to Amazon WorkMail Migration Migrate Office 365 to Amazon Workmail tool performs without having to adjusting your data as per the new platform as it maintains the original formatting of data. You can smoothly migrate archive mailboxes, mailboxes, and public folders with this tool.
Migrate Exchange Server to Amazon WorkMail You can smoothly migrate endless number of Exchange mailboxes with this tool. It supports migration from both on-premises and hosted Exchange Server of any version. You need administrative details if you want to migrate several mailboxes.
Migration of More than Primary MailboxesAlong with primary mailboxes, you can smoothly migrate public folders and archive mailboxes from Office 365 and Exchange. It also allows you to migrate to Amazon WorkMail public folders, mailboxes, and archive mailboxes according to your needs.
Adds Mailbox AutomaticallyMigrate Office 365 to Amazon Workmail also allows you to add multiple mailboxes automatically with CSV file. It adds a pre-defined CSV file so you can fill the mailbox details easily and import to the tool to perform automatic addition of mailboxes.
Efficient and Fast Mailbox MappingYou can easily and quickly map mailboxes of Office 365 or Exchange to Amazon WorkMail using CSV file or manually. It ensures that you are going to migrate source mailbox to the right mailbox.
Perform selective migration You may not need all the Office 365 or Exchange Server data in Amazon WorkMail. With the help of Office 365 to Amazon WorkMail tool, you can also find selection and filter options to perform selective migration of mailbox data. You can choose to migrate only the selected items and folders you want.
Save detailed report of migration After performing migration, Office 365 to WorkMail tool displays information of what has been migrated, i.e. folder name, number of items, migration status, and error stats. You can even save the details in CSV file as well.
Use Free Trail before Buying If you want to learn using this tool before buying it and know its functionalities, you should download the free demo version of this tool. It comes with all the features that licensed version offers. But it allows migrating only 10 items in each folder.
Comparison of Trial & Full Version
Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Instantly Migrate Office 365/Exchange Server to Amazon WorkMail
Migrate All Mailboxes, Archive Mailboxes, & Public Folder
Supports Exchange Server Migration (hosted/on-premises)
Supports Unlimited Mailbox Migration
Generate CSV Report after successful migration
24*7 Tech Support & secure 100%
File Saving Capabilities Only 10 Email per folder
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FAQs - Migrate Office 365 to Amazon Workmail Tool
Following are the step to Migrate Office 365 Mailbox to Amazon WorkMail platform:
  • Launch the "Migrate Office 365 to Amazon WorkMail Tool"
  • Use "Add button" to add "Office 365" accounts to migrate
  • Apply Selective Action to Migrate Office 365 Mailbox data to Office 365 Platform
  • Select "OK" to Start Migration and Save Migration Log Reports.
You just need to use the free trial version of "Office 365 to Amazon WorkMail" software. Free version will show you all the migrated mailbox objects in free version. Which you can check by manual.
Yes, Free version allow you to see the preview of all migrated mailbox data at free of cost. Which you can check by manual. For saving these items you need to purchase the full version license.
It is completely depends on the size of Office 365 mailbox file. And software is efficient to make it safe and fast.
Once mailboxes are successfully migration, you cannot undo the same.
Well, it depends on the type of license you choose. So, it is better to check the licensing details before buying.
This tool can perform multiple mailboxes in one cycle. You can easily migrate as many items you want in one go.
You can also choose an option to skip empty folders in Filter Selection dialog box in this tool. You can check this option if you want to avoid empty folders to be migrated.
No, this tool can handle only one process of migration at one time. This tool is very light as it focuses on simplicity. It doesn’t run several migration processes to make it more complex.
What the customers says about the product
I really appreciate the genius developers who have developed this tool which needs no script or coding skills to migrate Office 365 mailboxes to Amazon WorkMail accounts in few clicks." Kenny AustraliaMigrate Office 365 to Amazon Workmail Testimonials
This tool is very smart and rapid when it comes to perform the task of migration. I was looking to migrate only Archive section of Office 365 mailbox to WorkMail account and it made this easier in no time." Lee BrazilMigrate Office 365 to Amazon Workmail reviews