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After trying dozens of PDF converters and creators, this is simplest converter which performs exactly what I want. In other PDF tools, I wasn’t able to define my desired page size and bring my fonts within. Thankfully, PDF Converter does both for me. It works perfectly and quickly. Finally, my headache is over.

- Jenifer Jones

PDF Converter Tool

Fed Up Of Retyping or Wasting Time On It? Choose PDF Converter

With PDF Converter, you can now save most of your time on retyping documents by converting PDF files into MS Office .doc or .docx files with same formatting and fonts. Have a quick look at the major features of PDF Converter.


PDF Converter – Major Features

Option to Define Page Size: When it comes to convert Doc to PDF file, you can choose your desired page size like A5, legal, A4, A6, Letter, Executive or Envelope.

Customizable Page Size: If more customization for page size of PDF is required, you can define the height and width you desire to define custom size of your own for the converted document. You can convert PDF to make document of any size, ranging from 10x10 mm to about 3276x3276 mm.

Displays Measurements: You can let it display all the measurements in inches, millimeters or points. Hence, you are not required to convert on yourself.

Graphic Resolution & Graphic Scale: For images from 72 dpi to over 2400 dpi, it allows you set custom resolution. Due to smaller resolution, the PDF file can be smaller with lower quality of image. Higher resolution leads to bigger size of PDF file with improved image quality. Basically, 300 dpi is default value. You can shrink the content of PDF to 1% from original size or enlarge the same by 400%.

Orientation of Page: From Landscape to Portrait, you can set orientation of page with ease. In Preview area, you can see the changes.

Open File with PDF Reader: After conversion, you can allow the PDF to open with PDF reader by default.

Embedding of Font Subsets: In order to make PDF file exactly the same in looks and appearance, PDF Converter embeds subsets of fonts by default which are used in the documents.

Use Same Folder Always: With PDF Converter tool, you can create PDF and save the same in a particular folder every time. It doesn’t matter where original document opened by you.

PDF Converter – Advantages

Fast & Simple: PDF Converter allows you to select the document and location to save it.

Cost Effective: PDF Converter doesn’t cost extra for commercial, personal and business use when it comes to make PDF files.

Comes with 64-bit and 32-bit Support: To install PDF Converter on both 64-bit and 32-bit Windows OS, you can use same setup.

Universal Support: Apart from PDF to DOC, PDF Converter also allows conversion from PDF to XLS, PPT, XLSX, DOCX, PUB, PPTX, TXT and HTML.

No .Net or Third Party Support Required: PDF Converter doesn’t need .NET Framework or any runtime environment to create PDF files. As compared to various PDF Creating programs, the setup of PDF Converter is very smooth and smaller.

Make PDF Searchable: PDF Converter also allows users to search for any text in any PDF file created. It is also beneficial for SEO because search engines can easily index PDF’s text.

Multilingual Support: PDF Converter is the only PDF creator software which comes with support of 34 languages in its interface.