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As we all love the world that is full of freedom, OLM to PST Converter is what most of all are wondering of. If you are looking for a third-party tool to migrate emails from Mac Outlook platform to Windows Outlook platform, this converter tool is exactly what you may be looking for. This tool makes everything simple by moving your mails and all mailbox items on just one click. OLM is actually a database in the form of archive file that stores the entire mailbox data including calendar, emails, contacts and other info of Mac Outlook. On the other side, Windows Outlook has PST file for the same purpose.

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Earlier that time, this type of freedom was limited for us. As discussed earlier, Mac uses OLM in Outlook and Windows uses PST in Outlook. As OLM database is not supported by Windows environment, you cannot access all the important data in Microsoft Outlook. Thanks to OLM to PST Converter, we have got the freedom to access all the OLM data into PST file. Hence, we can effortlessly convert .olm archive files into .pst in Windows environment.

OLM to PST Converter – Salient Features

Instant Conversion: The software smoothly exports all of your emails, calendars, contacts and all mailbox items into hierarchical structure of PST.

Maintains Hierarchy: At the time of conversion of OLM files into PST, this software keeps on maintaining hierarchy of the PST folder conveniently.

Also Preserves Contents Written in Other Languages: Outlook has some message contents and message subjects written in Chinese and Japanese characters and double-byte characters. This tool also preserves all of these messages that can support Outlook to run efficiently.
This way, it efficiently transforms “Address Book” of OLM into “Contacts” of OST file format. With preserving Unicode (non-English) content, it processes about 60 fields of OLM address book in order to prevent data loss. From different files of OLM, you can easily merge various address book contents in a single “Contacts” folder of MS Outlook for Windows.

It provides special treatment in order to preserve attachments of nested messages.

Offers Filter in Mails & Calendar items: In order to select date, calendar items, and emails, the software has also added Filter so that you can efficiently select convert your desired items into .pst format.

Freedom to Choose Version: When it comes to convert all the contents of OLM to PST, you can easily save the content in PST file format of any version, it doesn’t matter you are using Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2013.

User Friendly: Designed as a hassle-free software tool, OLM to PST converter is very convenient to use and one can easily perform the export operation.

100% Safe: If you think internal OLM structure is subject to change due to conversion process, you are wrong. This software works on powerful algorithm which is 100% safe. By using advanced functionality, this software performs the conversion operation more brilliantly.

NOTE: Recommended to use 100% Free Trial version, will see you the preview of recovered or Converted Mailboxes.