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I just bought PC Optimizer. All I want to state that this is best computer optimizer for my system. When I launched this program and scanned my system, it has fixed all the issues related to performance on my system. Now, I am enjoying flawless and smooth performance of my PC.

- Leon Fisher

PC Optimizer Tool

PC Optimizer – One-Click PC Maintenance and Tune-Up Utility

PC Optimizer is the most advanced and user-friendly PC optimizer and analyzer which remove all PC issues and make it more reliable and faster.

  • Malware protection
  • Speed optimizer
  • PC defragment
  • Clutter cleanup


PC Optimizer is designed specifically to fully optimize the performance of your PC. In addition, it prevents malware to attack your system. PC Optimizer is designed to overcome the issues of PC of every type. It provides virus and spyware protection too. It helps secure important business information of users by removing malicious files which are harmful for your system. It removes duplicate files and unwanted garbage and provides PC defragmentation. It resolves PC issues, improve performance and reduce startup time of your PC.

PC Optimizer – Salient Features
Malware Protection

Malwares are malicious programs which are built specifically to collect all the important and confidential details from the computers through advertisements, scripts, software and codes. Some of famous malwares are Trojan horses, ransomware, keyloggers, worms, dialers, viruses, adware and spyware. Within shorter time, it can delete all malwares and keeps your private data safe. Whenever a spyware or malware is found, it allows you detect it in real time and fix it without risking your privacy. You can also block adware or malicious programs.

Speed Optimizer

Is your system speed annoying? Do your PC runs slower? Does any file or webpage crashes most probably? These are the signs of infection or entry of suspicious files on your system. In order to optimize the speed of your PC, you don’t have to remove rarely-used programs from your PC. All you have to use PC Optimizer because it performs deep scan in your system and come out with issues which are responsible for performance errors. Then it removes viruses and fixes all errors.

PC Defragmentation

You may fragment your hard drive manually. Do you know fragmentation slows your PC down and make it work harder? For opening files and saving them, it takes longer time than normal. Hence, defragmentation is required to boost the performance of your system. To help your PC function efficiently, defragmentation includes all the fragmented data. PC Optimizer allows disk space defragmentation and reorganizes all the fragment files to process faster. According to the pre-defined schedule, it runs defragmentation automatically.

Clutter Cleanup

Clutters are often gathered in your computer through the regular use of system. Hence, it is important to cleanup your computer regularly. The performance of your computer reduces and its stability is affected if you don’t cleanup your PC. You can manually clean garbage and junk from your computer and make it work longer. But PC Optimizer can do it all that for you with just single click. PC Optimizer is here to clean up all the mess timely from your computer. By using PC optimizer, your computer can be maintained with ease.


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