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Thank you very much for this software. I spent a lot of time on researching several tools and services for my email marketing campaign. But this is really a good program which is an extensive time saver for my business. I am using this software because it lets me customize my emails with ease.

- Shawn, New Jersey

Group Emails Marketing Software

With Group Emails Marketing software, you can perform HTML newsletter delivery, bulk emails delivery and mass mailing with simplicity.

  • Database connectivity
  • Personalized HTML bulk emails
  • Emails tracking
  • In-built SMTP server support
  • Supports Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange, and more.

GroupMail Personal Edition             

GroupMail Business Edition             

Key Features:

Group Emails Marketing software is best suited for professionals, e-zine publishers and individuals to get in touch with subscribers, customers and other contacts. Group Emails Marketing software lets you design attractive HTML newsletters, emails, and e-zines with ease and send your personalize emails to your mailing lists and customer base.

  • Database Connectivity – Enjoys connectivity to Microsoft Excel/Access (32 bit/64 bit), MySQL, SQL, Oracle and other popular databases.
  • Personalized Emails – Personalized HTML bulk emails sent to multiple recipients
  • SMTP - TLS or SSL encrypted SMTP servers and standard SMTP servers are supported.
  • Supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 for sending multiple emails and Microsoft Office 365 for cloud email service of Microsoft to send emails.
  • PHP Programming – Via PHP scripting, it generate email subject/body dynamically.
  • Throttles Email – Via Exchange or SMTP servers, it controls email volumes per hour, minute and day.
  • It supports recurring and one-shot scheduling of emails.
  • It features multi-threaded- fast delivery engine to deliver emails faster
  • It distributes load of emailing between several SMTP servers and accounts as it supports load balancing and several SMTP servers.
  • Duplication Cancellation – It skips duplicate email entries automatically from the mailing list.
  • Supports Comma Separated Values (CSV) format and tab-delimited or semicolon-delimited text for mailing lists.
  • Features in-built list editor to create or edit lists.
Benefits of Group Emails Marketing Software

Group Emails Marketing Software is flexible, feature rich and user-friendly software. You don’t have to know computer jargon very much and working with this mailing software is not a rocket science. It effortlessly makes difficult things easier. Here are some of its benefits that other software don’t have –

Easy connectivity to SQL and MS Excel/Access servers

Open Standards Support – With other software, you would usually have to use pre-defined format given by them for mailing lists and import/export and convert mailing lists which is quite annoying. Group Emails Marketing Software is designed to work according to your tastes and preferences. You can make your mailing lists in CSV format, tab-delimited text, or store it as Access database or Excel Spreadsheet or in MS SQL, MySQL or Oracle servers. You can keep storing mailing lists in your own way.

Multilingual Support – You are not required to understand encodings and their process. Whether it is Japanese, European, Hebrew or Arabic, Group Emails Marketing software is smarter in a way to select the encoding scheme or character which is best for you. A lot of bulk mailer programs of competitors cannot support or understand international languages or characters.

Advanced Email Standard Support – Group Emails Marketing Software efficiently supports Quoted-Printable, Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME), SMTP authentication, Base64, Secure SMTP and other advanced email standards.