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In just one-click to back up system, photos, music, videos, documents,
and applications in case of any disaster problems

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All I want to inform you that you guys have offered really an excellent product. Backing up files and images is really a very troublesome task for me and other home users. You made it simple to me. The software and its features are awesome and it is running smoothly in my Windows 8 PC.

- Matt, New York

EaseUS Todo Backup Software

EaseUS Todo Backup is a powerful yet reliable software utility especially designed for laptops and desktops to backup music, photos, documents, videos and emails.

  • Powerful & Cost-Effective – Costs 50% less than competitors and is safe, easy and fast.
  • Easy to Use & Install - Step-by-step and intuitive user interface.
  • Award-winning solution and recommended by several websites, like Cnet, PCWorld etc.
  • Secure and reliable software to back up all the important data and safely protect them.
  • Supports Windows Xp, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Supports multiple languages, whether it is Deutsch, English, Chinese, Italian, French or Espanol.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home 6.1             

EaseUS Todo Backup Server             

EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation             

Key Features:

For home laptops and desktops, EaseUS Todo Backup is reliable and fast system disaster and backup recovery utility for both laptops and home desktops. With it, you can perform backup which is based on complete file and system backup. It protects all your crucial data with incremental or differential backup.

Backup Modes:
  • Full PC Backup – It provides full PC protection with easy recovery and backup of your complete OS in disastrous situations.
  • Disk Imaging – It efficiently and instantly takes back up of complete volumes or disk. It also accelerates the processing of large files because it backs up only modified blocks rather than complete file.
  • Hot Backup – With Microsoft Volume Shadow integration, it backs up files which are specific or volumes with no interruptions in any existing operations.
  • File Level Backup – With this mode, you can back up only selected folders, files and file types along with shared files in network.
  • Sector-by-Sector Backup – It lets users store a particular copy of volume or disk, such as unused space.
  • Schedule Backup – It features flexible and reliable scheduler which allows users to back up according to their needs.
Recovery Modes:
  • Selective Recovery – In this mode, user can recover selected folders or files without recovering a complete image.
  • System Recovery – With a Linux bootable device, it recovers your complete Windows backup to the new or original location.
  • Flexible recovery – With this option, you can instantly recover exact file or folder you need the most. You can also recover volumes or single disk image.
  • Android Recovery - It recovers all the data like messages, contacts, documents, music, call logs, videos and photos in your Android devices.
Complete Backup Management :

With it, you can easily edit, view, delete or update your backup operation and delete outdated backup images automatically to save storage space.

  • Backup without Compression – With it you can backup volumes or files with no compression. It also allows you to keep back up smaller by selecting high compression level.
  • AES 256 bit Encryption – It allows easy encryption backup to eliminate unofficial access with AES 256 bit encryption procedure.
  • Split Backups – With this mode, you can distribute image files in various sizes to match with various storage media.
More Advanced Features :
  • Mount Backup – It is also capable to mount image of hard drive in “read only” format and copy folders or files from it.
  • Emergency Disk Creation – Specifically for PC restore, it can create bootable media based on Linux in emergency situations.