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I would be in trouble and greater level of difficulty would be generated, if I didn’t buy Acronis. Many disk errors and technical problems occur in my office. This is really a life savior for me. Thank you very much guys for producing very smart and intelligent software like Acronis Backup & Recovery.

- Daniel Marsey

Acronis Backup & Recovery Utility

Acronis backup & recovery has been designed especially for small businesses to protect valuable investment of the business owners.

  • Migrate your computer with no complications
  • From an email to a whole server, it can recover anything within few clicks
  • Single-pass, patented disk imaging technology for complete protection
  • Important information recovery without disturbing your work
  • Protects your whole system and avoid unnecessary downtime


Acronis Backup & Recovery – Essential Features

Acronis backup & recovery features patented disk imaging for protection of your whole system. With intuitive interface and single-pass backups, it can capture anything, including applications, operating system, data and even more at one step. In disastrous situations, Acronis Backup & Recovery delivers one-click instant recovery of separate files, system data or an entire system. With Acronis Backup & Recovery, getting back to work is just a matter of few minutes.

Disk Imaging Technology

In single step, you can design a complete copy of your data or system thanks to its disk imaging technology. Then you can recover the same copy in a new hard disk drive in case of serious failure.

Complete Protection for Business Apps

It features in-built VSS support to provide regular protection to all the applications running in the background, such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server and Active Directory.

Storage in Several Paths

For reliable and flexible restoration of data, it stores all the backup copies in over 5 various locations. It provides support to networked storage, local disks, offsite cloud storage and tape.

Bare-Metal Recovery

In case when any hardware is failed, Acronis Backup & Recovery features Universal Restore technology with which it can recover a complete system in a different, new hardware.

Cloud Storage

Acronis Backup & Recovery software features direct accessibility to offsite, secure storage with Acronis Cloud. All you have to start your plan for backup storage by adding a subscription to your product and get your data protection double.

Differential & Incremental Backup

The changes which were made after previous backup only are identified by the differential and incremental backups. It significantly saves network usage, backup time and storage needs.

Scheduling Backups

According to the special events like shut down/power on of a machine, log in or off etc. or schedules, you can automate backups.

Backup Staging and Replication

Along with Acronis Cloud, backup data is replicated automatically among several storage paths once completed. Data can be moved automatically to new storage with staging after expiration of retention period of existing storage.

Encryption of Storage Backups

With AES 256 bit industry-specific encryption, it can encrypt all your storage backups. While transmitting, it encrypts all backup data.

Consolidation & Validation

Scheduled or manual backup validation automatically assures recovery of your user data and system data. Incremental backup consolidation conserves extra space for storage.

Control on Performance

The throttling of disk writing speed and Acronis backup will let you manage the effect of backup processing in regular workflows.

Customizable Backup Schemes

A lot of industry-specific and pre-defined backup schemes are provided by Acronis Backup, such as Tower-of-Hanoi and Grandfather-Father-Son. You can customize them as per your requirements.